The University of Georgia's 2nd Criminal Justice day was on Friday, November 14, 2014. We sincerely thank our speakers, panelists, and guests for creating a valuable learning opportunity and hope to see everyone at CJ Day 3!

State budgets are straining, recidivism rates have been virtually unaffected after decades of prison population growth, and the national conversation about crime and punishment has recently shifted. Georgia has been at the forefront of that conversation, initiating sweeping criminal justice reforms in 2012 (HB 1176). These reforms appear to be paying off as Georgia’s prison population has declined each year since the reforms were implemented. It’s time to discuss these developments.

The theme of this year’s conference, After Mass Incarceration: Charting a Path to the Future, provides an opportunity for professionals from varied areas of criminal justice -- law enforcement, law and the courts, corrections, and the faith community -- to convene and discuss these reforms and their impact on our communities and to suggest alternatives to incarceration.

The keynote address examines Georgia’s new criminal justice reform initiatives, their history and their promise, with an emphasis on juvenile justice. Additional presentations explore new directions in prosecutions (especially drug offenses), evidence-based strategies to reduce reoffending, innovative practices for strengthening inmates’ parental ties, and the toll of human trafficking on communities. The closing panel discusses forensic science and the need for broadly-trained criminal justice professionals. Students, faculty, criminal justice professionals, community members, and civic leaders alike will find something valuable in all of these presentations. Please join in the conversation with us.

Our speakers have graciously permitted us to host their CJ Day 2 presentations. Feel free to download and use for personal purposes:

Changing the System to Improve Outcomes for Kids and Community
Hon. Judge Steven Teske
Juvenile Court, Clayton Co., GA

New Directions in Prosecutions, esp. Drug Offenses
Scott Johnston
Assistant District Attorney, Towaliga Judicial Circuit

The State of Recidivism in Spalding County, Georgia
W. Theodore Harris
CEO, Harris & Associates Inc

Reaching Children of Incarcerated Parents
Andrea Shelton
Board Member, Georgia Department of Corrections
President, Heartbound Ministries, Inc.

Forensics and the Interdisciplinary Nature of CJ
LTC Pamela McKenzie-Rundle
U.S. Army Retired
Chair, Department of Psychology, Georgia Military College, Fairburn Campus